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Copy of Goodbye 2023, Welcome 2024!

2023, a year of suffering and dissatisfaction.

The government continues to contradict itself, with a myriad of "ideas," "sets of measures," and "look and see" approaches, all erratic, for which they are neither held accountable nor demoted.

One no longer knows who is leading the country, or if it is even being led; we only know that it's not led toward a better direction.

So much confusion, so much unhappiness.

The Cuban compass no longer knows the cardinal points.

Such disorientation, such disorder.

Every day we despise and detest them more, even though we cannot express it publicly, as in any normal society.

So much frustration, so much misery.

I condemn those who still harbor hope under this regime, wherever you are, whoever you are; whether you support them or benefit from them.

We are accused of being soft, traitors, soulless, terrorists, just for not continuing on the path they guided us to; a torturous path of misery. A path only you and yours are on; not them.

So much cowardice, so much disorganization. When we unite, when we have one voice, both inside and outside, we can correct our compass, and Cuba will head where it needs to be, where it's better for everyone, by historical and philosophical necessity.

Hopefully, in 2024, something will happen, and we can all shout:

So much joy, so much happiness!

Finally, Cuba, for everyone!

Blessed be 2024.

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