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Felipe Ramirez-Joubert

(LL.B) (LL.M)

Barrister, Solicitor and Notary Public

He obtained a Bachelor Degree in Law in 1983 from the University of Camaguey, Cuba.

He moved to Canada in 1998. In 2001, he completed a Paralegal Program at Primetech Institute in Toronto. As a Legal Assistant, he has worked for different law offices, which has given him hands-on experience in the areas of real estate, estates, immigration and some family matters.

In 2006, he moved to Spain where he completed a LLM Program in Spanish Law for Foreign Lawyers at Alcala University, Madrid, Spain, which allowed him to obtain the recognition of the Cuban law degree. He practiced as a Lawyer in that country, where he founded Iuvo Abogados Law Office that represents clients in Family Law, Civil Litigation and Immigration matters. He also advocated for companies to establish their businesses in Canada and vice versa. He is a member of the Madrid Law Society.

He also holds a LL.M Master of Laws specialized in Common Law from York University Osgoode Hall Law School, and received his Certificate of Qualification from The Federation of Law Societies of Canada, National Committee of Accreditation in 2015. After completing the articling program at Morris Goldstein Law Office and the bar exams at the Law Society of Upper Canada, he was called to the Bar in Ontario.

He is bilingual in Spanish and English and would love to serve you.

In addition to his distinguished legal career, Felipe has emerged as a fervent advocate for social and human rights in Cuba. His commitment to justice extends beyond the courtroom, as he actively contributes to the ongoing dialogue surrounding the challenges faced by the Cuban population. With a passion for shedding light on these critical issues, he regularly shares his insights and analyses through his personal blog. This platform serves as a hub for well-researched articles that delve into the current situation in Cuba, offering readers a nuanced perspective on the efforts being made to address social and human rights concerns. I encourage you to explore Felipe's blog, where his articulate and informed commentary provides valuable insights into the complexities of advocating for justice and human rights in the Cuban context.


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